Minnesota PTA is part of the oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the nation. With a network of 5.7 million members, PTA advocates for children in classrooms, in communities, in state legislatures, and on Capitol Hill.

PARENT EXPO! Coming this February!
Have you heard about the Minnesota PTA Parent Expo?  It's the greatest thing since recess!  Want to know more?  Make sure you bookmark this site because information will be coming soon. 

It's almost that time!
As summer vacation quickly draws to a close Minnesota PTA salutes the teachers, staff, parents and care givers who work so hard for all children.

Have you registered for your Back-to-School Kit?
The deadline is rapidly approaching for this year’s Back-to-School Kit registration! September 1 is the last day that local unit presidents can register to receive the kit. If you have registered you will receive their mailed kits shortly. If you have not you can still register by sending us an email at

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