End-of-Year Financial Review

Download PDF Here (for printed data)

Download Word Doc Here (for digital records)

At the end of the fiscal year, each PTA should conduct a review of their finances. This is a safeguard to be sure all money is accounted for and was spent within the approved budget. The above PDF or Word Doc will help guide your PTA through the process.

Items needed to complete review

  • Bank statements 
  • Treasurer reports
  • Checkbook/Checkbook register
  • Deposit slips
  • Financial software report listing all checks written and deposits made (if used)
  • Receipts/reimbursement forms 
  • Invoices and other records (contracts, grants, etc)
  • Meeting minutes (especially those with financial decisions and when treasurer was elected/bank signers were chosen)

A minimum of three people should conduct the review, with at least one non-officer. You will also need your PTA’s National PTA number, EIN number (federal tax ID#), Minnesota State Sales Tax Exemption # (if applicable), Insurance Company name and number (if applicable), name of bank for checking and savings accounts, and names of signers.

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