Exhibitor Information

>>>Exhibitor Registration opening soon for 2020! <<<

Who’s going to be there?

  • Our convention is host to our PTA members from around the state, and local unit leaders from our 200+ PTA units in Minnesota. Our units primarily serve Elementary and Middle schools, with fewer High School PTA representatives. PTA members and unit leaders are parents with invested interest in community, education, and children’s health and well being.

What time is convention and how much exposure will I get?

  • Details are coming soon!

What are my options as an exhibitor at convention?

  • As an exhibitor we encourage you to take part in our many opportunities to spread the word about your goods and services to our attendees.
    • Bag swag
    • Table/floor space
    • Door Prize Highlights
    • Program listing
    • Sponsor a meal
    • Other opportunities exist! Please see the contact information to find out more.

How many people can I bring?

  • Your exhibitor registration is for 2 people.  Additional people are subject to a $15 surcharge.

What is included in my exhibit space?

  • As we know not all presentations are equal, but the space we can provide is limited to the convention location, services, and utilities.  We work to accommodate most of your needs.  Due to the close proximity to the main convention hall, we ask that any video productions, music or recordings be monitored to reduce distractions to our speakers and special guests.

Can I sell my products?

  • Absolutely.  Our PTA members appreciate the opportunity to collect the latest educational materials and child focused goods!

Will I receive a contact information list for all attendees?

  • We understand your desire to contact people directly, however we cannot distribute personal information on the behalf of others.  You may collect contact information from individuals as they provide it to you. We will be implementing a OPT-IN program this year which will provide a select number of attendees information being released to vendors post convention.

What about bringing food and beverages?

  • Personal food and beverages are allowed.  However, we will provide complimentary lunch and beverage for up to 2 people per exhibit, but we cannot cater to dietary restrictions.
  • Food and drink sales must be pre-approved by contacting the Minnesota PTA office.

What about exhibit restrictions?


How to get there: 

Information Pending.

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