Items for Good Standing

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There are filings you have to submit and maintain on an annual basis in order to stay compliant with the state and federal laws to remain a 501 C3. This goes for whether you are a PTA or an unaffiliated parent group. Local PTA units need to remain in Good Standing by submitting the following four (4) items annually to the Minnesota PTA office.

1.Officer Updates – DUE DECEMBER 1st

Annual updates of officers in your PTA are due after you have voted them in at the end of your school year. Please include as much contact information as possible. This information allows MNPTA to share resources and aid in the transition of officers, keeping our school PTAs strong and effective.

2. Standing Rules – DUE DECEMBER 1st

Your PTA should review, vote on, and submit any approved revisions to your Standing Rules to MNPTA by December of your current school year. There is no need to re-submit the Standing Rules annually, if no changes are to be made to your local-unit document on file with MNPTA.

If your unit has not yet voted on and submitted a set of Standing Rules for 2018-2019, please refer to the Resources page to read more and view a sample. Your PTA board should review the document together, vote on the final product, and then submit your completed rules to the state as soon as possible.

3. Membership info & Dues – DUE DECEMBER 1st

Dues are a required piece of your organization to help you establish membership within your group and bring support to your unit. Minimum membership dues (as of 6/25/2019) are $6.25 per member, with $4 supporting Minnesota PTA. $2.25 is the portion which purchases each National PTA membership. We recommend that local units offer different membership levels, so each voting member can also contribute to their local PTA. For example, a $15 membership can support the local PTA with $8.75 per person!

Each individual membership purchased must be affixed to their name, and contact email or phone number. This allows each member their voting privilege at your local unit, and their rights as delegates at state and National PTA conventions, and state and National PTA benefits (this is not a new requirement, but one that we have not been able to enforce over the years due to a lack of processing ability). Membership information can now be hand entered into Memberhub for processing, uploaded by spreadsheet, and can also be purchased directly from the MemberHub system once your PTA has set up the memberships in your store front. Submission to the state will happen at most once a month, or as memberships are gained throughout the year, with a minimum quarterly reporting for any new memberships. A detailed list of members is a federal requirement of all non-profit organizations.

Dues are imperative to help maintain services from National and Minnesota PTA, and to maintain your PTA’s good standing. Please see your Universal Bylaws ARTICLE VI – MEMBERSHIP AND DUES for more information. Some communities also have a regional PTA / PTSA Council for which dues may also be requested. Consideration for those payments should be included in your unit-specific Standing Rules. 

Curious as to what your dues go toward? Click Here.

4. 990 Submission Verification – DUE DECEMBER 1st

You can now submit your digital copy of your postcard through MemberHub. Your PTA is required to file a 990 annually, and we ask you submit a copy of your 990 postcard to our office to ensure that we have the most current filing year for your organization. This allows us to support you if you should fall behind in your filing, and be sure we keep you exempt so you continue your good works. The state and federal government requires non-profits to submit taxes on a yearly basis.

All Non-profit organizations are required to file taxes every fiscal year with the IRS. We ask you submit your receipt of submission to us after you file. We do not need full 990’s submitted. What we are looking for is the IRS verification of your 990 submission for each tax year. Please submit a copy to us through MemberHub and keep a copy for your records. It may look like this:

More information on your units tax exemption.

Visit our Tax Filing Information page for more specifics.

“Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization” from the IRS
Keep your PTA happy and healthy! Click the link above to read more about being a tax-exempt organization, how to maintain your status, how to handle contributions, and more.

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