The Minnesota PTA consists of people like you. We are invested moms, dads, community members, teachers, school board members that are all working toward supporting our students, your students, ALL students, advocating in their best interests.

What does it take to be a Minnesota PTA board or committee member?

Commitment, of your time to do the work. An eagerness to learn and support your fellow team members. A passion to support PTA missions and goals in Minnesota and nation wide. And a willingness to give your best to every child in the state.

So how can you help?

What are your skills and talents? How do you enjoy supporting our mission? We want to offer you a position that will allow you to do what you enjoy while supporting Minnesota PTA to the best of your ability. Have experience in Special Education? Maybe your a social media guru? Maybe Inclusion and Diversity is something you’d like to help foster. Let us know what drives you to support health and education in our schools throughout Minnesota.



Questions answered

Are these paid positions? No. We are a Non-Profit organization that is run on all volunteer time with a part-time office assistant. 100% of our budget is used to maintain functions at minimal expense to the community that supports our work.

Are my expenses covered? Only board approved expenses for events and travel are reimbursed.

How much time do I need to commit? Your time commitment is up to you, but we do ask for certain time commitments including monthly board meetings, activity at events and gatherings, support for the committee or position you are involved in, and timely responses to emails and social media interactions.

Do I need experience? We want to offer our communities in Minnesota the best that Minnesota PTA has to offer. We don’t require our active volunteers to have professional training, but regardless of what position you volunteer for, we hope you bring out your “professional best”.

What experience do I gain involving myself in this work? Every position within the organization offers a unique chance to gain knowledge and experiences from the interactions of not only working with board members, but working with public, government, school administrators, local PTA members, media, businesses and other state and national PTA representatives that makes the experience a robust learning environment. State PTA board leaders have used their gained experience and skills for job opportunities, serving in public office and other leadership rolls in their community.

How do I know volunteering for a role will work for me? Do you want to make a difference? Can you spare your free time to commit to this amazing organization? Do you love to work with like-minded people? Do you want to feel how amazing it is to make a lasting impact for every child in Minnesota? Then, Yes. This is the place for you.