2018 Reflections Winners!

PTA Reflections 2018

Minnesota State PTA Results

“Within Reach”


We are pleased to announce the 2018 MN PTA Reflections winners for this year’s program. The “Outstanding Interpretation” winners have already been prepared and advanced to the next level of competition in Alexandria, VA. where our National PTA office is located. All 50 states and foreign country PTA’s are now being judged at the national competition. So GOOD LUCK to our Minnesota Outstanding winners at the 2018 National PTA Reflections competition! National results will be announced sometime in April. Thank you all for your support! And congratulations on another successful year for MN PTA Reflections! Congratulations to our 2018 Reflections student winners!! Next year is the 50th Anniversary of PTA Reflections, so be ready for some fun!

Please join us for our annual reflections ceremony to celebrate these amazing entries! Click to view Invite!

1st Place- OUTSTANDING INTERPRETATION advances to National PTA competition.

2nd Place- Award of Excellence.

3rd Place- Award of Merit.



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Miah Bican, Olson Elementary, Bloomington

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Vianna O’Hara, Middle School, Winona Middle School, Winona

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Rishab Haldar (Blake School), High School, North Star Unit

2nd-Olivia Meyer, Intermediate, Holdingford Elementary, Holdingford

2nd-Matthew Benson, High School, Century, Park Rapids

3rd-Abby Froehle, Intermediate, Congdon Park Elementary, Duluth



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Arthur Beck, Primary, Olson Elementary, Bloomington

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Jarrett Galzki, Intermediate, Century, Park Rapids

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Paige Leeseburg, High School, Century, Park Rapids

2nd– Annabelle Bolster, Intermediate, North Star Unit



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Camilla Clark, Intermediate, Oakwood Elementary, Plymouth

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Anika Campbell, High School, Century, Park Rapids

2nd-Anna Rexermann, Intermediate, Holdingford Elementary, Holdingford



 1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Kenny Barr, Century, Park Rapids



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Wesley Friberg, Intermediate, Olson Elementary, Bloomington



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Annika Saur, Intermediate, Congdon Park Elementary, Duluth

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Emily Schulz, Middle School, Century, Park Rapids

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Matthew Benson, High School, Century, Park Rapids

2nd-Grace Officer, Century, Park Rapids

3rd-Hadyn Brown, W-K Elementary, Winona




1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Naya Kouvalis, Oakwood Elementary, Plymouth

2nd-Brooke Schefers, Olson Elementary, Bloomington

3rd-Rocco Kuhn, Olson Elementary, Bloomington



1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Olivia Raleigh, Olson Elementary, Bloomington

2nd –Ben Wieland, Washington Elementary, Rochester

3rd-Emma Matack, Oakwood Elementary, Plymouth


Middle School and High School

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Gaurav Haldar (Central Middle), North Star Unit

1st-Outstanding Interpretation: Matthew Benson, Century School, Park Rapids

2nd-Chloe Porter, Winona Middle School, Winona