About Reflections

The 2023-2024 Reflections Program Theme is:

Important dates to remember for next school year include February 2nd, 2024, which is the deadline for your 1st place entries in each division and age category to be in the state PTA office.

REFLECT on the theme. CREATE an original work. BE RECOGNIZED!

The Reflections program is a great opportunity to get students involved in more cultural arts opportunities and for parents and families to get involved with PTA events at your school. If you have never done Reflections, perhaps this is the year to try! Visit where there is a wealth of Reflections information. Share informational flyers with teachers who might be able to use the theme as a class project (hint: art teacher or English teacher!). Having an after school or Saturday afternoon activity group do Reflections artwork would be a great idea to help generate entries! Or bring your children to a PTA meeting where they can work on Reflections artwork while the adults meet. The basic rules are online so that you can easily refer to what is required in each art category.

Taking part in Reflections at your school is fun and rewarding. Remember to register your unit online at National PTA, and then implement the program at your school in the way that works for you. Send your winning 1st place entries to the MN PTA state office with the student entry form attached to artwork. Include the unit participation form so that we can tally your total school participation. 

PTA Reflections is a great way to support the cultural arts and to get parents and students involved in an arts activity.  And what a great way to spend some time over the school breaks or holidays.

Since 1969, the Reflections program has encouraged millions of students across the nation and in American schools overseas to explore their artistic talents by creating works of art for fun and recognition. Annually, hundreds of thousands of students participate in the Reflections program through their local PTAs. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to submit works of art in six categories:

  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature
  • Musical Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts

Local winners in each category go on to compete at the district/region and state levels. State winners are then considered for a National PTA Reflections award, including:

  • Outstanding Interpretation Awards
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Awards of Merit

Click here for a full list of National Awards and Recognition.

Students participate in the Reflections Program through their local PTA unit.

  • They may submit entries in any of the six arts areas and may enter more than one work.
  • Only original works of art are accepted.
  • Any PTA unit in good standing may sponsor a Reflections program in their school/community.

It is the responsibility of your PTA to organize, promote and encourage participation in Reflections in your school(s). Each unit must also determine a judging process to select entries to be forwarded to the Minnesota PTA for participation at the state level. Please see specific rules. State winners are recognized at a statewide ceremony in the spring. The PTA unit may also organize a local display of artwork. Involving the community in implementing this program is a way to celebrate the importance of quality arts education for all children. Units serving Spanish-speaking students may obtain a copy of the rules in Spanish by calling the Minnesota PTA office or e-mailing with your request.

Parent and Guardian Participation in Reflections

Family engagement in the Reflections Program is one of PTA’s most important goals. Each student is encouraged – by teachers, PTA leaders and parents/guardians – to reflect on a theme and create an original artwork. Mentors are impactful simply through their encouragement to explore the arts. This program relies heavily on the unique creativity of each student. With certain exceptions being made in the Special Artist Division, it is important that student mentors allow their children and students to be the sole driving-force in not only creative a work of art, but inspiring it as well. If you have any questions regarding family/mentor participation in the Reflections program, please contact Lori Ortega at

Thank you for your time and dedication to the students of your community!

Questions? Please contact Lori Ortega: