Judging Information

Choose judges for your program. They may be parents with music experience, the local librarian, or an area music teacher. It may be a member of your own PTA if you are not located near resources to find judges easily. You have the flexibility to do what works for your PTA. Use the judging criteria and information found below.

The judges may use criteria provided regarding quality, etc. The most important part of judging is that the artwork be judged on the relevance and interpretation to this year’s theme. If you wish, use one of the rubrics found below.

Choose a first place winner for EACH Grade Division (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12), in EACH of the seven arts categories (visual arts, photography, dance, etc.).

FOR EXAMPLE, if you are a K-5 school: For Grade Division K-2, your unit is allowed ONE state entry in each category (one in visual arts, one in photography, one in literature, etc.). Then in Grade Division 3-5, you are allowed ONE entry in each art category too.

Ties are acceptable going into state competition. Please use your discretion…we love kid’s artwork, and if the judge feels that two should move on to state competition, that is okay. However, ties are not allowed when art is being submitted to National PTA level judging.