Bylaws & Standing Rules

Universal Local Unit Bylaws

Please download the Universal Local Unit Bylaws HERE, and an example of Standing Rules.

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Bylaws Amendment Voted in on May 19

The Bylaws chair and the MN PTA state board proposed that Minnesota PTA units adopt universal bylaws.  This means there is one set of bylaws that all local units follow. The benefit is that it is much easier for a PTA to remain in “good standing”, because the bylaws don’t need to be reviewed and approved every 5 years.

Standing Rules are new to most local PTA units.  They provide process and details that are not contained in the bylaws, such as when you meet, committees, terms, etc.  Standing rules must not conflict with the bylaws. Unlike bylaws, standing rules may be changed from administration to administration or from meeting to meeting.  The proposal to adopt universal bylaws and standing rules was approved at the Minnesota PTA convention on May 19.

Click the links to find examples of both the proposed Universal Bylaws and an example of Standing Rules.

Example:  Bylaws will require each PTA to meet at least once during the year.  Standing Rules may indicate that you meet monthly during the school year on the first Monday of the month.

Example:  Bylaws require the PTA to elect a president, secretary and a treasurer.  Standing Rules may state that you also have a Co-President.

Example:  Bylaws allow the PTA board to create or eliminate committees.  Standing Rules would list what committees your PTA has and what their responsibilities include.

If you have questions or comments about the amendments, please email Denise Foy, the Bylaws Chair, at