Healthy Fundraising

Minnesota PTA recognizes the importance of fundraising by units to provide important activities and resources to their schools. Coordination, product selection, ease of program and school culture and philosophy all come in to play when fundraising decisions are being made.

In 2016, Minnesota PTA received a Healthy School Meals grant and agreed to provide guidance and promotion of healthier school fundraisers. We welcome stories and feedback about units that have used fundraisers that don’t rely heavily on food products – send your information via email to

Ideas for non-food fundraisers abound! We’ve all heard about Fun Runs and Walk-a-thons, auctions, movie nights and plant sales. But there are plenty more ideas out there if you’re willing to be creative.

Want to make small steps? Use the 70/30% rule:
70% of fundraising items are non-food.
30% of fundraising items are food.

Let’s start with alternatives to the traditional selling fundraiser:

Greeting cards
Gift wrap, boxes, and bags
Magazine subscriptions
Coupon books
Test drive cars with Chrysler
Gift certificates
Holiday ornaments/wreaths
T-shirts and sweatshirts
Customized stickers
First aid kits
Emergency kits for cars
School spirit gear
Plants, flowers, or seeds
Brick, stone or tile memorials
Coffee cups and mugs
Special parking space rental
Scarves and stocking caps
Bumper stickers
License plate holders
Tickets to sporting or fine arts events
Used books, CDs, videos, DVDs
School supplies
Refillable water bottles

Still think food is a great seller? Try something with a healthy or low calorie twist:

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Fruit baskets
Nuts or seeds
Trail mix
Fruit smoothie mix
Popcorn/snack mixes
Whole wheat pasta and sauce kits
100% juice

Visit the Minnesota Marketplace for list of great resources for your PTA. (coming soon) 

Other healthy fundraising resources: