Items for Good Standing

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2019, NEW Items of Good Standing will be implemented and current items will be changing! Please be on the look out for emails pertaining to the MEMBERHUB Compliance, and updates on what to know for the 2019-2020 school year! 

2018-2019 Local Unit Officer and Chairperson List

Annual updates of officers in your PTA are due into the office after you have voted them in at the end of your school year. Please mail them to be received no later then July 30th each year.  Include as much contact information as possible.

Standing Rules Submission

Your PTA should have submitted your Standing Rules by December. If you have not yet submitted Standing rules, please follow the link to the Bylaws & Standing Rules web page to read more about the new Standing Rules and view the sample. Your PTA board should review the document together, vote on the final product, and then submit them to the state. After you have submitted your Standing Rules, there is no need to submit them again in the future unless your PTA makes changes to them. If you do make changes, please follow the same procedure to vote and approve the changes, then resubmit them to the Minnesota PTA office.

Dues Remittance Form

Dues are a required piece of your organization to help you establish membership within your group and bring support to your unit. Minimum membership dues (as of 12/30/2018) are $6.25 per member, with $4 supporting Minnesota PTA. $2.25 is the portion which purchases each National PTA membership. We recommend that local units offer different membership levels, so each voting member can also contribute to their local PTA. For example, a $15 membership can support the local PTA with $8.75 per person! Dues are imperative to help maintain services from National and Minnesota PTA, and to maintain your PTA’s good standing. Please see your Universal Bylaws ARTICLE VI – MEMBERSHIP AND DUES for more information. Curious as to what your dues go toward? Click Here.

Copy of your 990 Submission

All Non-profit organizations are required to file taxes every fiscal year with the IRS. We ask you submit your receipt of submission to us after you file. We do not need full 990’s submitted to the office. What we are looking for is the IRS verification of your 990 submission for each tax year. Please send us a copy and keep a copy for your records. It may look like this:

More information on your units tax exemption.

“Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization” from the IRS
Keep your PTA happy and healthy! Click the link above to read more about being a tax-exempt organization, how to maintain your status, how to handle contributions, and more.

MN Department of Revenue Forms

Application for Nonprofit Exempt Status–Sales Tax – Form ST16
Did you know that as a non-profit your PTA is eligible to be exempt from sales tax in Minnesota? Have you applied for your exempt status? If not, click the link above, complete and submit the ST-16 form to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Your tax exemption can save your PTA funds that you can use to put back toward supporting the children in your school.

Certificate of Exemption – Form ST3
After your PTA is approved for tax exemption within the state, complete and provide this form to the businesses you work with so they can properly apply your tax exemption from your purchases.