Items for Good Standing

2018-2019 Local Unit Officer and Chairperson List

Annual updates of officers in your PTA are due into the office after you have voted them in at the end of your school year. Please include as much contact information as possible.

Dues Remittance Form

NOTE: Please use the above form for the 2018-2019 Year. Scratch out the date and add 2018-2019 at the top to indicate this years submission. Thank you. 

Complete this form and return with check payment for your PTA membership dues by December 1 for your Fall Membership Drive and March 31 for your Spring Membership Drive. Please call 651-999-7320 to arrange a later due date. Membership dues are $6.25 per member, with $4 supporting Minnesota PTA. $2.25 is the portion which purchases each National PTA membership. We recommend that local units offer different membership levels, so each voting member can also contribute to their local PTA. For example, a $15 membership can support the local PTA with $8.75 per person!

Copy of your 990 Submission

All Non-profit organizations are required to file taxes every fiscal year with the IRS. We ask you submit your receipt of submission to us after you file.

We do not need full 990’s submitted to the office. What we are looking for is the IRS verification of your 990 submission for each tax year. Please send us a copy and keep a copy for your records. It may look like this:

MN Department of Revenue Forms

Certificate of Exemption – Form ST3

Application for Nonprofit Exempt Status–Sales Tax – Form ST16