PTA Insurance

Local PTA units in Minnesota are responsible for obtaining their own insurance for the protection of the officers and assets of their association. The consequences for an uninsured PTA group can be devastating. And though these incidences are infrequent, they have happened, and your insurance coverage will help through any difficult scenario’s that occur unexpectedly.

Why do we need insurance?

In most states PTA’s are not covered by schools because they are independent from the school. There are some districts whom might still cover the your group under their policy, but it’s best to assume that they do not unless they have provided you with the information about that policy. Provide your principal with a list of your events & activities and request a written letter from the school or school district that states your events and activities are covered. Quite often the school administration assumes you are covered without actually having the proof. And it’s never safe to assume that in case of an accident, the school district will cover costs for liability.

Do we really have to worry about lawsuits?

Unfortunately, even PTA’s face third party liability suits or are victims of embezzlement. Missing funds can be near impossible to replace and hiring a lawyer is expensive. As an officer, it is your responsibility to make sure your PTA members follow best practices to prevent potential problems. By purchasing Insurance, your group is covered in the event that something bad does happen. It’s a fail-safe for the continued strength of your PTA and it’s officers.

What are some potential hazards where insurance would be helpful?

  • Three-legged races, bouncy houses – potential bodily injury
  • Popcorn machines – fire and burn hazards
  • Bake sales, volunteer served meals – food borne illnesses or allergic reactions
  • Classroom rewards or prizes – possible choking hazards

The following insurance firms are recommended by National PTA:

AIM Association Insurance Management, Inc.

R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc.