Run your PTA

Running a PTA involves many areas of expertise. As each officer assumes their role, they should know that many resources exist in order for them to succeed in their position. Minnesota PTA as well as National PTA provide online resources for support.

If their are materials you are looking for, and they are not currently available on our website, please email our office so we can assist you with finding what you need.

Do you have a great document, policy or idea that you would like to share with other PTA’s because it could be really helpful? Email your ideas to and tell us how it’s made a difference for you. Your idea could end up here!

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Your PTA should stay up to date on the current bylaws. Be sure to submit your Standing Rules if any changes are made.

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Where to look for new opportunities & fundraising know-how.

Check here for how to maintain your Good Standing with Minnesota PTA & National PTA.

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