Run your PTA

Running a PTA involves many areas of expertise. As each officer assumes their role, they should know that many resources exist in order for them to succeed in their position. Minnesota PTA as well as National PTA provide online resources for support.

If their are materials you are looking for, and they are not currently available on our website, please email our office so we can assist you with finding what you need.

Select from the below to find a resource pertaining to your role.
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Do you have a great document, policy or idea that you would like to share with other PTA’s because it could be really helpful? Email your ideas to and tell us how it’s made a difference for you. Your idea could end up here!

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Your PTA should stay up to date on the current bylaws. Be sure to submit your Standing Rules if any changes are made.

Bingos & more!

Where to look for new opportunities & fundraising know-how.

Check here for how to maintain your Good Standing with Minnesota PTA & National PTA.

Here’s some great resources about keeping your 501 C 3 and staying exempt! (Coming Soon)

From managing members to filing your taxes, we provide free tools for your PTA to succeed. (Coming Soon)

Members are more then volunteers, they are the lifeblood and heartbeat of a PTA. (Coming Soon)

Find the best resources for your PTA community to help support your missions. (Coming Soon)

Ever thought of taking your skills to the next level? Click the opportunities button to find out more.

National PTA & Minnesota PTA offers a variety of programs to highlight and support your PTA efforts. (Coming Soon)

Need a few tips on better managing your PTA media? With an ever increasing demand for social media & online communications, we are growing the resources for you. (Coming Soon)

Confused over what to file and when? Check here for tips, links and more. (Coming Soon)

View some short clips on a variety of topics. (Coming Soon)