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Thank you for your interest in starting a PTA!

If your reading this then you must have a huge heart and lots of love for kids. Thank you for all you do to support your child and share your concerns for the well being of those many children in your community.

But sometimes being a parent just isn’t enough to get to the heart of a matter. You need help and support to achieve bigger and better things and make that lasting impact on education. That phrase “it takes a village” is spot on. It does take a village to support the needs for the many young people across your community. And a village of caring community members can have a huge impact putting the spotlight on children needs.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, school official or community leader, starting a PTA in your community is easy!

What is the difference between a PTA and a PTO when it comes to organizing a non-profit?

Is starting a PTA is easier then starting a PTO?  Yes.

Starting a PTO it can take up to 18 months before the IRS will approve your 501C3 status IF you did the 28 pages of paperwork correctly. And only after that is approved can you start all the other filings necessary filings to comply with Secretary of State, Attorney General, Department of Revenue, banking requirements, and others. Then you have to be able to keep up with law changes, annual compliance, and making sure you stay exempt. It’s a bit overwhelming to a parent just wanting to help make a difference.

When starting a PTA we take away the confusion and hassle by providing assistance every step of the way. We stay on top of law changes, and regardless of leadership changeover in your group, we help every PTA maintain compliance.

When starting a PTA there is:

    • No filing a 1023 with the IRS and waiting 18 months.
    • No Fee to file. (as of 7/2019 it’s $600)
    • No need to create bylaws from scratch.
    • Fewer concerns over non-profit compliance.
    • Fewer questions as you can call our office for support anytime.
    • A fast turnaround time to get you up and organized.

Is there a cost we have to pay to become a PTA? NO!

There is a several hundred dollar filing fee to the IRS when you self organize as a PTO, but when affiliating with PTA, we do not charge you for the organization of your PTA. The only fees you will encounter are any state filing fees, and your annual membership dues, which are essentially paid by your members, not your PTA.

What will Minnesota PTA do to help get us started? Lots!

We will make your startup as easy as possible.

    • We walk you through the process step by step.
    • We offer office support for all your questions.
    • There is no start up cost to acquire your non-profit status.
    • We help you understand your filings.
    • We secure your registration with National PTA.
    • And we will make sure you have a green light so you are ready to be a rock star to the children in your community.

How do I start the process? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…..

  1. Form a group of invested parents that are ready to assist with running the PTA’s functions and events.
  2. Click the “Start a PTA” button and fill out the form to notify our office of your interest. We will contact you and find out what PTA structure would work best for you and what the next steps are in the process.
  3. Schedule a time for your group to sit down and talk with your school administration (if applicable) about wanting to start a PTA.

What does Minnesota PTA provide our PTA with?

As we are continually growing and changing, we are always working to bring better tools and resources to every PTA in the north star state. 

    • Minnesota PTA offers office support for all your group’s needs, and board members are always ready to answer questions.
    • We supply free PTA management tools like MemberHub and File990 that are easily accessible online, both save your group time and money.
    • Minnesota PTA offers an Annual Training & Resource Convention as well as Regional Training opportunities.
    • We have special programs to help your PTA focus on particular needs.
    • The Minnesota PTA board will advise groups and offer support when encountering sticky situations, intervening when necessary.
    • We provide PTA member benefits to all your PTA members.
    • You will receive newsletters to keep you up to date on changes, current programs, grants and more.
    • There is a Minnesota PTA Officers support page that is hosted in Facebook where you can connect to other PTA leaders in the state.
    • The Minnesota PTA Facebook page keeps you up to date on current happenings.
    • And there’s much more available to your group. If you need a resource and we don’t have it, we will assist you in finding what you need.

What does National PTA provide? 

National PTA is the head organizations of all PTA’s in the states and over seas. They formed over 120 years ago creating the first and largest child advocacy group in existence. After the creation of PTA, states were formed as PTA congresses, then forming the local level PTA’s at schools and in communities across the nation.

National PTA provides us with guidance on advocacy issues and local PTA’s with resources, online training, kits design to support roles within your group, member benefits, newsletters, blogs, family guides, grants, scholarships, and more. They are the voice in Washington DC, speaking on behalf of children. They do advocacy training and they help us provide many opportunities for your local PTA to flourish.

Read more about PTA types on the National PTA website.

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Be sure to also:

    • Register your email at National PTA, and review their resources and training materials available.
    • Like us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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