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Mickman Brothers Wreath Fundraiser has been ‘Funding Fun for 4 Generations’. PTAs throughout Minnesota rely on our home-grown fundraiser! Located in Ham Lake, MN, Mickman Brothers works with Schools, Sports Teams, Bands and Orchestras, Choirs, Cheerleading Squads, and more school groups, to fund their activities every year.

With this fundraiser you can take advantage of one, or all 3 programs available. With the Traditional Bulk Ship Program, your members sell products door to door, at events, and a multitude of other ways, and we bulk ship all products to one location, like your school or a leader’s house. The Direct Ship Program utilizes direct to recipient shipping via FedEx, so you don’t have to handle any product! Finally, our online fundraising program allows you to direct potential supporters to the website where your PTA receives $8 for every products sold using your group’s individual Fundraising Code!

Mickman Brothers offers a full range of products including hand-crafted, fresh evergreen wreaths, centerpieces, table top trees, garlands and more.

What you’ll Need

  • A Strong Leader – Stay organized, be able to instill enthusiasm, clear communicator
  • One or two parent volunteers to assist your fundraiser
  • Empowered Parents! These are the key to your success
  • Eager and motivated members! 
  • Goals and a plan! (Don’t worry we’ll help with that!)

Example Fundraiser Steps

    1. Fill out a web form to get your FREE Info Kit! – 
    2. We mail you the necessary items to get started
    3. Fill out your Data Sheet to order all your material for your fundraiser –
    4. Hold a Kickoff Meeting with your members and any parent volunteers to discuss plan such as which program(s) you’ll utilize, where and how you’ll sell, and goals you’re aiming for.
      • Sell to: Parents, Neighbors, Extended Family, Parents Coworkers and Friends, Hold an Event, etc.
      • Goals: Aim for approx. 5-10 products sold per member minimum
    5. Go out and sell! Utilize the Traditional Program to sell around town (if you can deliver), use the Holiday Gift Program in addition, to sell to out of town relatives, or anywhere you can’t deliver, and collect payment at point of sale, and finally take advantage of the online program ‘Gift-It-Forward’ at to earn more profit by telling others to use your fundraising code so you receive $8 per product sold on the site!
    6. Send in your orders! For the Traditional Program, send us your ‘Final Order Form’. If you utilized the Holiday Gift Program, send Mickman Brothers all of the order forms and corresponding payments. 
    7. We Ship! If you utilized the Traditional Program, we will ship all the bulk items to one location for you to distribute. If you use the Holiday Gift Program or Online Program – we will ship directly to the recipient – no further action required from you!
    8. Hold an Award Ceremony! Choose a pizza party, award ceremony, or another way of finalizing your fundraiser and recognizing your members for all their hard work.
  • 100% Of the Profits Stay with Your PTA 
  • Online Fundraising Program specifically designed for PTAs
  • FREE Promo Wreath to each school to assist in sales
  • High Profit Margins $7-$12+ Per Item
  • No Risk and No Product Handling
  • All products are guaranteed
  • Personal Fundraising Coach to assist each PTA Fundraising Leader to achieve success!
  • FREE Sales Aids and Online Group Profile/Account
  • Traditional Bulk Ship and Direct Ship Programs available to enhance sales & profits
  • Sustainable Solutions Initiative, every product sold funds the planting of an evergreen seedling in our Nation’s Forests 


  • Phone: 1-800-446-4229

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